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I’m Mark Wilson and I’m the head coach at Lion Strong Coaching.

Every programme I have written is evidence backed, they are specific to your sport and will support you in maximising your potential.

I first started strength training over 20 years ago and subsequently went on to become a qualified Personal Trainer, British Triathlon coach and very proudly a UKSCA accredited Strength & Conditioning coach. 

I’m also the founder of Lion Fitness (fitness studio) and Lion Squad (Triathlon Team) both based in North Yorkshire, UK.

Strength training has always been and continues to be a great pleasure to me, but I also appreciate that is not the case for everyone. This is often because gym programmes are dull and uninspiring or because we are inexperienced in this environment and therefore we stick to what we know and/or the basics.

I came to running and triathlon a little later a life, but it has since become a huge passion of mine which has resulted in me becoming a British Triathlon coach and founding my own triathlon squad. I have competed in triathlons of various distances, multi-sport and running events and I (like you) continue to push myself so I can reach my potential.

It is these two combined passions that have led me to developing Lion Strong Coaching, a unique offering of bespoke and packaged strength training programmes aimed at endurance athletes of all backgrounds. What I’m most proud of is the time and work that has gone in to writing these programmes, years of training, hours of reading, studying and practice to make sure you get the best evidence backed training programmes available today.

Mark Wilson ASCC




You’re probably reading this because you already know you need to change something in your current training, maybe you’re picking up injuries, possibly your results and performances have plateaued or you’ve come to realise the value in adding strength training to your plan, but you’re not sure where to start.

Let me guarantee you something, this is without doubt the best INVESTMENT you can make in yourself today! Not your kit, bike or equipment but in YOU!


Solid Foundation

Our unique foundation strength programme for all endurance based athletes.

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Rapid Progress

Tailored plans specific to Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling & endurance running.

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Individual Design

Work with me directly for your own personalised programme.

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There are 3 options available depending upon your specific needs.