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8 Week Strength Training ProgrammeSOLID FOUNDATION

This is a great place to start if you are inexperienced when it comes to Strength Training. You’ll train twice a week (45 minutes per session) over 8 weeks to quickly build a solid foundation of strength.


This fantastic programme has the flexibility to be a gym or a home based programme. For the home based workouts you only need limited equipment, such as a kettlebell or adjustable dumbbell and a resistance band.

Start your
8 Week Plan For only £49.50

Every workout will be emailed to you and also available via our TrueCoach app, the app will detail the workout (including warm up drills) and have accompanying video demonstration for every exercise.

The videos will give you a clear visual description of the exercise. There’ll be no guess work, you’ll know exactly what you should be doing to ensure you stay safe and to make sure you maximise the benefits of the workouts.

At the end of the 8 weeks we’ll review with you what other options are available to continue your training, because trust us, you will want to continue your training!




HOW IT WORKS Easy to follow 8 week training plan which is provided in a simple and clear format

Access all your workouts via our mobile application
Video demonstrations and explanations for every exercise, set and rep
Training reminders and notifications
Train with a minimal amount of equipment or a full gym - your choice!
Every workout includes warm up and cool down sessions
Access to support from our private community Facebook group
In just 8 weeks you feel the benefits of your hard work

PROGRAMME FEATURES AND BENEFITS Compare our three programmes to see which suits your training needs…

Solid Foundation
Rapid Progress
Individual Design
Results - faster, stronger and injury prevention
Easy to follow training programme
Full exercise video demonstrations
Inclusion of warm up drills and exercises
Reminder service for missed workouts
News and emails from Lion Strong Coaching
Access and support from community Facebook group
Sport specific plan for rapid progress
Access to our coaches for plan specific questions*
Individualised programme specific to you
Initial assessment with our head coach
Full evaluation of your current fitness and experience
Monthly face to face calls to monitor progress
Regular support and motivation from your coach
Unlimited plan revisions
VIP invitations to special events throughout the year
Solid Foundation
Rapid Progress
Individual Design
Ready to start training?
Single Payment £49.50
Single Payment £79.50
Options From £149.50
* Via Truecoach application instant messaging service


Frequently asked questions...

But is it really going to make a difference?

ABSOLUTELY!! This might be the difference between a podium spot or not, an age group win or championship qualification. Check out the “Evidence Based Training” page for the science behind why Strength training should be an integral part of your training plan. Don’t forget to read through our testimonial page for genuine feedback we’ve received from clients, this includes a mix of GB Age Group and recreational athletes.

How will I fit this in to my existing training schedule?

The addition of two 45-60 minute strength sessions a week in to your weekly training load does not need to result in an increase in volume of training. If you are already running, swimming, cycling several times a week then our strength training can safely (and beneficially) replace 1 or 2 of your existing sessions. You won’t lose performance by stripping out one 60 minute run, in fact your training will improve with this addition and so will your results.

For more FAQs on the programmes, TrueCoach and sign up process click here.

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There are 3 options available depending upon your specific needs.