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Build strength, power and endurance whilst reducing the likelihood of injuries,
overtraining and burnout.


Let me help you maximise your potential.


This is a great place to start if you are inexperienced when it comes to Strength Training. You’ll train twice a week (45 minutes per session) over 8 weeks to build a solid foundation of strength. I have written two programme options, one for home workouts with limited equipment and one for gym based sessions.

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It's time to become your very best.


Cost effective and as close to our individual design programmes as you can get. Over the 12 weeks I have progressed the training design and complexity of exercises to support your rapid progress. The programmes are tailored to your sport(s) so you can be confident that you are strengthening the right areas and helping to avoid the common injuries associated with your sport.

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Work directly with me and fast track your results.


Bespoke strength and conditioning programme for your specific needs. Work with me directly and receive your own personalised programme. You don’t need to be a professional to have your own coach, I enjoy working with a diverse mix of clients who value individualised programming and my 1-2-1 support.

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PROGRAMME FEATURES AND BENEFITS Compare our three strength programmes to see which suits your training needs…

Solid Foundation
Rapid Progress
Individual Design
Results - faster, stronger and injury prevention
Easy to follow training programme
Full exercise video demonstrations
Inclusion of warm up drills and exercises
Reminder service for missed workouts
News and emails from Lion Strong Coaching
Access and support from community Facebook group
Sport specific plan for rapid progress
Access to our coaches for plan specific questions*
Individualised programme specific to you
Initial assessment with our head coach
Full evaluation of your current fitness and experience
Monthly face to face calls to monitor progress
Regular support and motivation from your coach
Unlimited plan revisions
VIP invitations to special events throughout the year
Solid Foundation
Rapid Progress
Individual Design
Ready to start training?
Single Payment £49.50
Single Payment £79.50
Options From £149.50
* Via Truecoach application instant messaging service


Choose your package

There are 3 options available depending upon your specific needs.