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I’ve very proudly helped all kinds of athletes achieve lifelong goals and set new PB’s that they previously thought were unattainable.
But don’t just take my word for it…

first started to train with Mark at his fitness studio back in 2017, primarily to prepare for a long distance charity bike ride and also to encourage a fellow cyclist back into fitness. Not only did the sessions prepare both myself and my friend for the bike ride continuing with the training has enabled me to go from strength to strength in other events and more importantly kept me injury free. With his encouragement and with the improvements I have seen in my training it has given me the confidence to test myself in new and challenging events that I never dreamed of entering previously. 2018 saw me return to the Great North Run after last running it 12 years previously, 2019 saw me knock 7 minutes of the previous years time. I have gained fitness, strength and confidence as a result of my training with Mark and I’m looking forward to the new challenges that lay ahead.

Alison Rogers Running & Triathlon

I had done a few triathlons before I met Mark and started doing S&C training with him. I have always struggled with the running element, but the training has definitely made me stronger and helped me achieve much improved results. This year I won my Triathlon clubs most improved female award, this was after seeing huge progress over the winter months with my running performance. Without question a large part of this improvement has come from my strength training. The S&C work gives you an underlying confidence in your own ability that’s hard to measure, and it's now an embedded part of my weekly training regime.

Andrea Hall Triathlon

I love trail running. Although, I am not a natural born runner. I had to work hard to stay on two feet at times! I starting working with Mark after meeting him at a summer league running event, where I had not had a great run. Mark was so supportive and reassuring at the end of this event. Subsequently I went on to work with Mark to build my strength, core and flexibility. After being in his safe hands, I have now made the transition to endurance and ultra marathon trail events. My second ultra event (HM60) I finished in the top 10 ladies! My recovery from this event was almost instant too, again showing the benefits of this type of training. With Mark’s approach to understanding my goals and weaknesses, his knowledge and expertise of my training needs, this has allowed him to design a programme bespoke to myself and my needs. I am now preparing to take on my biggest challenge, to chase down 100 miles at Endure24 in July 2021.

Michelle Newton Trail Runner

I first reached out to Mark when training towards my first ultra and I’ve now been working with him for just over 18 months. During this time I have competed in 3 ultra races and I have many more planned for the future I’d been running for a number of years and at no point did I ever consider Strength and Conditioning to be part of my training. How wrong I was! Since starting this type of training my ability to run for longer without fatigue has improved dramatically, I recover quicker and also do not get the same niggling pains or injuries I used to suffer from. Focusing on my individual needs and capability, Mark ensures I’m doing the exercises properly and the programming also allow me to increase my weights as I become stronger. Whether it’s for sport or just improving your general health and daily life. Incorporating Strength and Conditioning into your routine is a must and I highly recommend Mark to help you achieve your goals.

Caroline Johns Ultra Runner

I signed up to work with Mark 2 years ago after a period of not exercising due to a back injury. I wanted to get fitter, stronger and lose weight. I choose Mark as I wanted a positive, personal trainer who knew who I was and cared about helping me achieve my goals. My goals are very different now to when I started, I have gained fitness, strength and confidence to start and complete in triathlons. I started competing in sprint triathlons and with Marks help I am working my way up to half distance. I have lost 2 stone in weight since training with Mark, I am running faster and further than I have done before and because I am strong, I am able to keep training injury free. I love working out , his programmes make training interesting and fun as well as effective. He really cares about his client’s and works to get to know them personally and that shows in his commitment. If you are looking to start multi-sport actives or need help in achieving your goals then contact Mark, you will not regret it, I can’t recommend him enough.

Adele Parker Running & Triathlon

I've been working with Mark for 2 years and his programmes, help and expertise have played a huge role in helping me to build my strength and stamina. We have worked specifically on exercises to greatly develop my core strength which helped me recover from a significant injury in Autumn 2018. Back in 2018 I was unsure about the benefits of specific strength training. But, having recently completed the Hardmoors 60 with a significant PB, I wouldn't be without this type of training now as I see just how important it is to support my Ultra Running and my health.

Stephen Headley Ultra Runner

Eight years ago I hit 40 and set myself a number of challenges, the first being ‘Couch to 5k’. I progressed slowly, eventually capable of comfortably completing a half marathon. Anything beyond that was where it all started to fall apart for me: groin injuries, calf strains, back pains. With limited available ‘free time’ to do anything other than my three weekly runs, I reluctantly accepted my wife’s invitation to join her ‘Strength & Conditioning’ training with Mark at his studio. “It will be good for your running “ she said. I’m not saying that she isn’t often right, but she didn’t realise how right she was! In just over two years my health and fitness has improved tremendously, my strength and stamina levels continue to rise, my race performance is improving year on year. Last spring I took on a ‘GoTri’ and later that year came second to a 19 year old in The Castle Howard Sprint Triathlon. I have run the Yorkshire Three Peaks and now have 2 marathons under my belt. During lockdown I have also completed 50 miles in under 12 hours as part of the virtual ”Hell on the Humber” race. At 48 years old I look forward to seeing how fast and how far I can go in the future!

Dez Parker Runner

I have been working with Mark for strength and conditioning training for just over a year, having suffered for a number of years with injuries consistent with a lack of strength and running with bad form. The Strength and Conditioning enables me to strengthen those areas where runners suffer and enabled me to improve my running form which in turn enables me to perform and compete at my best. Mark is extremely supportive and will always provide advice where needed and additional exercises if you are injured. I love and hate my Strength and Conditioning, it gives me the focus to ensure I am doing the exercises properly and has helped my running beyond words. I personally wouldn't be without it now. I find myself actually looking forward to my weekly sessions.

Stacey Calvert Duathlon

As a triathlete strength training plays an important part in my overall training plan. However, prior to joining Lion Strong Coaching my strength training was repetitive, inconsistent and lonely and was something that I endured rather than enjoyed. In the 10 months this has turned around completely. The training sessions are always different and challenging, and are now something that I look forward to. I have noticed an increase in my overall strength across all 3 triathlon disciplines, which is in no small part due to Mark's knowledge, encouragement and commitment to help you improve, and I look forward to realising these gains when the race season resumes in 2021. I would highly recommend anyone to give the programmes a try.

Rob Jamison GB Age Grouper
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